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Deadline to File Claims in the BP DEEPWATER HORIZON Settlement Program

Deadline to File Claims in the Settlement Program 1. Introduction. Under Section 5.11.8 of the Settlement Agreement, “for all claims other than those made under the Seafood Compensation Program, the deadline for submission of Claim Forms to the Settlement Program shall be April 22, 2014 or 6 (six) months after the Effective Date, whichever occurs Read More

BP Oil Spill Claims Administrator’s Status Report No. 6 (February 11, 2013)

On February 11, 2013, the BP Oil Spill Claims Administrator submitted his status report to the court. Mr. Juneau reported that 26,608 Eligibility Notices with Payment Offers totaling $2,099,572,857 billion had been issued. As of that date, he also reported to have made over $1.43 billion in payments on 19,530 claims. These claims are not Read More