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BP Oil Spill Claims Administrator’s Status Report No. 6 (February 11, 2013)

On February 11, 2013, the BP Oil Spill Claims Administrator submitted his status report to the court. Mr. Juneau reported that 26,608 Eligibility Notices with Payment Offers totaling $2,099,572,857 billion had been issued. As of that date, he also reported to have made over $1.43 billion in payments on 19,530 claims.

These claims are not limited to just those businesses on the Gulf Coast. This Settlement applies to businesses located throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama and parts of Texas and Florida. Qualification for payment depends on whether a business can demonstrate a revenue loss during at least three consecutive months from May through December 2010 as compared to those same months in prior years. To determine if your business qualifies, you will need your company’s monthly revenue figures for 2007 through 2011.